I am not an MRA, nor am I a feminist.

The reason that I talk about men’s rights more often than women’s rights on this blog is because I feel like a very vocal majority of Tumblr users are already fighting for women’s rights and, in turn, sweeping men’s rights under…




(a few of) my favorite sokka lines


  #the best iteration of this character type EVERRRRR

#quoted for truth #characters like #sokka #are so often frustrating because they end up being a nice guy(TM) #or bitter and resentful about their insecurities #while having a huge sense of entitlement #and the most annoying part is that 9 times out of 10 the narrative doesn’t recognize these flaws #and acts like the guy is the epitome of goodness and decency or something #but sokka isn’t like that at all#sure he has his flaws but the writing was always self-aware about those flaws #and sokka himself really WAS a genuinely good guy. brave and honest and loyal and a great friend and brother #ilu sokka (via candyumbrella)



Back when America was “more Patriarchal”, such as the 1950s and earlier, there was no widespread “porn culture”. In fact, men wanted to shield women from being public sex objects.

This changed with Second Wave Feminism and its “Sexual Liberation Movement”. That’s when we started hearing about…